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Decaffeinated coffee beans, pods or single doses

Decaffeinated coffee beans, pods or single doses

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Discover our water decaffeinated coffee is carefully crafted, using a natural process that preserves the authentic taste of the coffee without compromising quality. In fact, this coffee is obtained using a water decaffeination method which gently eliminates caffeine while preserving the characteristic aromas and flavors of coffee.

This water decaffeinated coffee is ideal for those who want to enjoy a cup of coffee at any time of the day, without disturbing their sleep or well-being. Enjoy the pleasure of drinking coffee without the effects of caffeine, while savoring its aromas and nuances.

It offers delicate notes and a subtle flavor that will please the most demanding palate. Whether you prepare it as a filter infusion, in a French press or in your favorite preparation method, you will appreciate its gentleness and soothing character.

Single-dose sachets and pods are packaged in packs of 10.

One sachet contains 250 grams of coffee which is equivalent to around thirty cups of espresso.

100% recyclable packaging

Single doses

Single doses are a Japanese technique also called "Slow Coffee" because it is a slower and gentler extraction thanks to the flow of water in the coffee then in the filter. The single doses allow you to keep the freshness of the coffee even if you are not a big coffee consumer, or if you like to drink different coffees during your day because each single dose is individually and airtight packaged. Thanks to its single-use format, the single-serves can be used on hot days to make cold coffees like coldbrew or hot coffee wherever and whenever you want.


1- Open the individual packaging as well as the top of the single dose (where it says “open” with dotted lines)

2- Detach the tabs on both sides of the single dose so you can place it on top of your container

3- Pour your hot, non-boiling water over the coffee, making circles to spread the water and coffee well. Do this slowly to get a stronger coffee. Do not hesitate to color the water several times and dose according to your tastes.

4- Let the single dose drain and remove it, paying attention to its heat

5- Enjoy with or without milk and sugar


Nespresso type pods are packaged by our roaster in France. They allow faster and simpler use, but are only suitable for this type of machine.

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